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Extrusion Line For PVC Profiles

BTYF series PVC profile extrusion line is mainly used in PVC door & window profile, wide door board, window board and extrusion of multi-holes tube for passing through lines (four holes, six holes, seven holes, nine holes). This extrusion line mainly includes conical/parallel twin screw extruder, profile dies, vacuum calibration table, profile haul off and tilting table.

Product Features:

  • Safety overload shut-off.
  • Top quality components with problem free.
  • Large size span meets different customers’ requirements.
  • High output with low energy consumption.
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PVC Profile Extrusion Line:

Main Extruder BTC55/110 BTC65/132 BTC80/156 BTC92/188
Main motor power (kW) 22 37 55 110
Downstream Equipment Model BTYF240S BTYF240A BTYF300A BTYF600 BTYF900 BTYF1200
Product width (mm) Max240 Max240 Max300 Max600 Max900 Max1200
Vacuum pump (kW) 2×5.5 4×5.5 4×5.5 4×5.5
Water pump (kW) 1.5 4 4 7.5 7.5 7.5
Haul off speed 0-5 0-5 0-5 0-3 0-2.5 0-5
Downstream Equipment power 22 35 35 44 25 62
Output (kg/h) 100 220 220 350 350 750

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