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Bimetallic Single and Twin Screws

Bimetallic single and twin screws have a longer lifetime than standard nitrided single and twin screws. They are widely used for corrosive formula, recycled and regrinded resin, calcium carbonate powder filling, fireproof materials and glass fiber filling materials.

Brilliant Technology’s bimetallic single and twin screws offer a variety of sizes and optional alloy powders to meet different customers’requirements. We have helped our customers test and manufacture bimetallic single and twin screws for a wide variety of material applications.

Product Features:

  • PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) automatic alloy spraying and coating
  • Better performance with stability than manual spraying and coating
  • Optional alloy powders ensures the adequate lifetime
  • The large span of sizes meets different customer’s requirements
  • Precise dimensions make sure excellent plastification


Diameters Available For Bimetallic Single and Twin Screws:

  • ¢15~¢600

Standard Steels Used For Bimetallic Single and Twin Screws:

  • 38CrMoAlA (DIN1.8509)
  • 34CrAlNi7 (DIN1.8550)
  • 31CrMoV9 (DIN1.8519)
  • 42CrMo (AISI4140)
  • 40Cr (AISI4340)
  • SKD11

Popular Alloy Powders For Bimetallic Single and Twin Screws:

  • Kennametal Stellite Ni60
  • Kennametal NiWC35
  • Colmonoy 56
  • Colmonoy 83
  • Tungsten Carbide

Main Technical Data For Bimetallic Single and Twin Screws:

  • Thickness of bimetallic layer: 1.5-2.0mm
  • Hardness of bimetallic layer: HRC56-62 (Ni60), HRC46-61 (Colmonoy 56), HRC43-48 (Colmonoy 83)
  • Range of workable length: any length needed

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